Welcome to Barranca de la Barca in Álora

My name is Liz Roberts. My journey started in the tropics in a small country called Surinam in South America, which had been colonised by the Dutch. So Dutch is my first language.

I spent my childhood in the sun and I loved it. As I grew up I spread my wings and travelled far and wide.
By the time I was 20, I had moved to the Netherlands where I lived for 10 years. At the age of 30 I decided to travel along with someone by my side and that is how I came to enjoy a truly wonderful life as an expat, living in different continents and countries. Life in Japan, Australia, England and Surinam, truly shaped the person I am today.

Having worked in hospitality all of my life I knew my dream was to run my own business one day, with all the experiences I had from staying in so many beautiful hotels and places, teaching me all I needed to know about creating a special place, My Special Place, and definitely in the warmth of the sun!

After a long search I finally found my little gem, here in Álora: Finca La Barranca de la Barca! A beautiful place where peace surrounds you, birds sing to you and you can truly unwind. I have been here for some time now and I still catch myself smiling constantly, at the beauty of this place. It will always take my breath away.

Life has blessed me with 2 wonderful children, a lovely daughter and a son, and I have decided to run this business for them, as my legacy.

To show them that whatever happens in life, you as your own person are enough to be happy all by yourself, and that one can start a new life and a new chapter anywhere.

Liz, Aixa and Tom

I am very much looking forward to having you as a guest here at La Barranca de la Barca, where you can enjoy the magnificent view over Álora Pueblo,  the mature 2 acres big garden, our refreshing pool, the calming Chapel and the peacefulness this beautiful place breathes.

So relax, unwind and let the magic you find here calm and inspire you as well!

Liz, Aixa and Tom